Your Assets at a glance

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An overview of your finances.

To calculate your assets, we take into account what you have in your accounts, the market value of your home and investments, as well as the amount financed by credit card, if you have one. In other words, what you have, minus what you owe.  


  • A first step in planning for the future is to know the starting point, the current financial situation. 
  • Add to the calculation of your assets what you have in other banks, using the Aggregation service.
  • The value of your assets is updated automatically.

Receive personalized recommendations

  • Debt

     Check if your debt level is acceptable and what amount you should not exceed.
  • Illustration of a savings tin.


    Monitor the aggregate of your investments conveniently and visually.
  • Homes

    We'll use figures to fill you in on your property and the evolution of its value.

Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

If you don't have it yet, download the BBVA app and access Assets from your Global Position, or through the Financial Health icon located in the bottom menu.