BBVA Collectives: Civil servants

We have exclusive conditions if you belong to MUFACE, MUGEJU or ISFAS

Enjoy advantages for being a civil servant

Get all the details by calling 91 833 07 01 or going to your nearest branch

At BBVA, we know that each profession has its own needs, which is why we have prepared an exclusive offer for MUFACE, MUGEJU and ISFAS mutual society members. If you are a civil servant, you will find unique advantages and conditions in the BBVA products you need, such as the Public Convenio Mortgage or the Personal Loan. For more details on these offers, you can contact us by calling 91 833 07 01 or going to your nearest branch.

Remember that you can also access it from your company's intranet.

As a civil servant, BBVA has specially designed products for you

  • Public Convenio Mortgage

  • Personal Loan

  • Accounts and cards

  • 3-month salary advance

  • Contigo Adviser

  • Loan without changing banks

Would you like more information?
If you want to know more about the special conditions for civil servants, identify yourself as a member of this group, find out if you belong to one or view the products available for your specific profession, you can call us at 91 833 07 01 or visit your nearest branch.