Need contribute documentation for contract a Loan Fast?

These are the documents to give to the ask for a loan fast.

One of the advantages of the Fast Loan of BBVA is that not is necessary that contribute documentation if connect with your other banks. The process WITHOUT documents is available only through  

Know what means connect with your other bank?

During the process, you ask for that introduce the passwords of your other bank with the aim of consider your situation financial and be able to offer you the loan. Is important that connect with your bank where have direct billing your salary. Your passwords never use for no another type of operation and, once contract the loan, or to the 30 days if not it contracts, the details recovered and your credentials delete.

In approximately 24h. working you communicate if your application is favorable or not. If it is, be able to proceed with the contracting of the loan. What is only that need is your ID for sign the contractual documentation of way 100% online.