Tax rules of pension plans

Contributions and provisions made into pension plans reduce your assessment base for Personal Income Tax (IRPF)
Usually, when we think of a pension plan, we tend to focus on the benefits it will bring us at some point in the future. This is important, since it is indeed worth having a pension that guarantees us a reasonable quality of life during retirement, especially given our current situation. Of course, achieving the quality of life we desire is one of the main purposes of this kind of product.
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But a pension plan is much more than just something for the future, as it also provides us with benefits in the present. In fact, it's a good way to save in your own time, and also obtain interesting tax benefits. On this note, contributions that are made to a Pension plan on a periodic or one-off basis reduce your taxable income for Personal Income Tax purposes, differing the payment of tax.
Although by definition a Pension Plan is always beneficial for its holder, it is important for each individual to find the plan that is most suitable for his or her own circumstances, especially given the wide range of Pension Plans offered on the market and the number of individual features and conditioning factors for each of them.
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