Strategies of investment in funds for save in your future

Have several options, on the basis of the risk and to the benefits that wish obtain.

If have gained save, the next step is see that do with that extra money. A good solution, not exempt from risk, is invest it and obtain an additional benefit (or profitability) for him. Something that not you be possible if it have ‘parado’.

For this, and once take the steady decision of invest, the first thing is know the risk that are prepared to assume. Every asset financial (fixed-income, variable, mixed, etc) takes ragged a level different from the one which depends the profitability to obtain. 

Thus, and as an example, not is the same thing invest in variable income assets of a country emerging as India that do it in equities global (with great diversification and geographic areas with different risk levels). Neither is identical buy debt of a country as Germany that do it of a small business small of goes down rating.

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In short, and as have the above-mentioned previously, the potential benefits that can offer us these investments are directly connected with the risk that is prepared to assume with your investment, taking into account also that owe carry out long-term (with a minimum of 3 years). On the basis of it, in this item go to show you the different investment strategies existing and the risks that cause each of them.


This strategy of investment is the indicated one for investors that look for assume the smaller risk possible, knowing that the profitability that go to obtain also be reduced. In this case, prefers the peace of mind to the yield of the money.

This predisposition does that the most part of the position of this kind of strategy invests in Fixed-income, although is a certain that also can, and owes, have positions in Equities for create more diversified portfolios and in which is can manage better the risk.


Bet for this strategy of investment those profiles that, unlike the previous ones, wish obtain high returns, although this entails assume a higher risk

The product that better adapts to they are the Variable Income funds, although recommends diversify adding to the portfolio one of Fixed-income that ensures the acquirement of some minimum benefits. In the same way, are before assets recommended if have a long time horizon, that is, are more effective if bet for them long-term. Your results short term are unpredictable.


For anyone who are prepared to assume a certain risk level in exchange for a potential profitability more attractive to that one of a more conservative profile, always being aware of that your investment can suffer fluctuations, this is your strategy of investment. Composes of a middle of portfolio invested to Fixed-income and another to Equities, being the moment of market the one which elucidates if is better expose oneself in one and another asset.  

There are 2 additional options, which situate new profiles accommodated in the two possible extremes. On the one hand they are those concentrating on preserve the capital invested (very conservative) and for another which want the maximum profitability within reach, knowing that run the risk of lose all your money (very decided).


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