How save an 'extra' money for unforeseen events

Discovers what investments can help you to make profitable those savings additional.

Have a mattress financial always is good since never know the future unforeseen events that can emerge you, and to which have to face. A saving that seems impossible of achieve but that, with a good organization, is viable.

Once have gained this extra money, emerges the question: what do with him? A good option is invest it, since if the leave stopped not goes to generate you no benefit to short, means or long term. For this, arrange so much of assets financial, as the deposits, the fixed or variable income funds or the stock, as non-financial, as the real estate, the art or the gold.

In this item you go to explain how make profitable this extra money with these products. The first advice? Not have hurry when decide and thinks good which is the option that more approaches what look for.

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For where start to invest?

Before invest that extra money that have gained, you suggest that reply to the questions that you propose next.

  • For what go to save?
  • With how long accounts?
  • Which is the level of saving that want reach?
  • What risk level are prepared to assume?

Once have a response clear for each of them, be able to define the best strategy for fulfill your objectives of saving. That is, be able to give way to your investment, for what also is important:


1. Looks for the fund that better adapts to your profile

Owe find the investment fund that conforms to you. For this, BBVA puts at your disposal a wide catalog of solutions. In the legal documentation of each one of them can find all the information relevant as, for example, the type of asset/s in which invests, the risk level or the fees. Additionally is important take into account your advantageous taxation. 

Last of all, talk of the diversification, that is, deposit this extra money in more than a fund. This support to diversify the risk of your investment, so profitability expected can increase. If doubts on which is your better choice, BBVA puts at your disposal your search engine of investment funds or, also, your service of counseling personalized BBVA Invest, which you gives those products that conform more to your investment preferences and objectives.

2. Knows the risks that have the investment funds

Invest in investment funds entails a series of risks on the basis of these factors, among others:

  • Volatility: makes reference to the variations historic that experiences the net asset value of an asset or, in other words, how much diverts of your average historic. In the event of an asset has a high degree, the risk be great since at the time of the reimbursement can suffer major losses or gains.
  • Duration: points out how affect the value of the asset possible changes in the interest rates. To more duration, great be the impact of this variation of the types in the price of the asset.
  • Investment policy: the strategies of investment are another aspect to have very account, as well as the types of assets in which invests. This be a good mirror of the maximum and minimum risk level in which can incur. Additionally is good obtain last reports of the fund for have an idea approximate of the composition of the portfolio.

3. How it contract?

Once decide the fund that better adapts to your needs, is the moment of contract it. For this, can come to one of our offices or enter This last option is the fastest one and comfortable since you allows carry out the process in few steps and from your house. 

That yes, first owe contemplate if are customer, condition indispensable for contract. If not is thus, can do you using the option ‘Hazte Cliente’ situated in in the top right-hand of our website.

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Watch your investment

If already have carried out the steps previous, only you are remain learnt more about the evolution of your investments. A stock for which have ‘Mis Inversiones’, service that you shows your state so much to level global as for product of easy way and simple. 

As can check, make profitable the extra money that have obtained investing in funds not is complicated. Only owe dedicate him a bit of time for know good all your options and thus choose which adapt to your preferences.

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