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BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

With the BBVA EstarSeguro Plan you can group the payments for your BBVA insurance policies, pay them month by month and save on your bill.
BBVA EstarSeguro Plan

BBVA Insurance

What you value the most deserves the best protection. 

That's why at BBVA we offer you a wide variety of insurance products based on your needs, with coverages and varieties adapted to your preferences. Home Insurance, Life Insurance, Medical and Health Insurance, Car or Motorbike Insurance…, and of course, all our Mini Insurance products for just €1 a week; if it is important to you, we have a BBVA Insurance for you. 

Consult our range and find the one that suits you best. 

And as we don't want you to pay more than necessary, only take out the coverage you need so as to not pay more.

Health insurance

BBVA Coche or Moto Insurance

BBVA Third-party Windows + Theft + Fire Insurance

The third-party insurance protection with an extended coverage for breakage of windows, theft and fire.

BBVA Third-party Windows Insurance

All the benefits of the Third-party insurance with an extended coverage for breakage of windows.

BBVA Moto Insurance

Customized for you: choose, from 5 modalities, the coverage that best suits your needs

BBVA Comprehensive Insurance

The highest protection, with optional excesses from €99

BBVA life insurance

BBVA Vida Insurance

A life insurance that offers you several different variations of coverages that can be changed.

BBVA Medical and Health Insurance products

BBVA Más Salud Insurance

Count on the Sanitas medical team. Let us take care of you and your loved ones.

BBVA Vivienda Insurance

BBVA Mini Insurance