Experts in Investment Banking

Professional advice on buying/selling companies and investment real estate, or to help you with the intergenerational transition.


A team of experts is available to help you:

  • Find new investment opportunities in company assets, stocks and bonds.
  • Maximize your investments.

Investment banking

    • They will suggest exclusive investment opportunities in assets, both in companies and in the real estate sector involving all types of assets (hotels, offices, businesses and logistics assets).
    • If you already have investments, they will keep you up to date on the market environment or the sector they belong to, and they will help you get the most out of your investment, make it grow or guide you in a strategic decision, such as a merger, sale or intergenerational transfer.
    • They may give you the option to access the capital of listed companies, or private ones that will soon be going public.
    • You can take part in private placements of mid-size company bonds in consolidated sectors.