Smartwatch App

Your banking enquiries, from your watch.

All your account information on your smartwatch.

Checking your balance or recent transactions has never been so easy:
  • Instant access to your associated accounts.
  • Do your banking using a simple interface.
  • Protect your data and do your banking without any worries.

What is the Smartwatch App

  • BBVA lets you check your accounts from your smartwatch (Android or iOS). You just have to open the app and, using its simple and intuitive interface, you'll have access to your global position, the combined balance of your accounts, details on your products and even the difference between your income and expenses. 

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

Associated features

  • You can't find your card? Deactivate your card temporarily via your cell phone to stop third parties from using it without your consent.
  • Achieve your goals comfortably with progress updates.
  • Enter and discover the free BBVA service that lets you easily withdraw cash without a card at any BBVA ATM.