Find out how your carbon footprint is generated

Some of our everyday actions also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

A flight from Bilbao to Tokyo generates 2,000 kg of carbon dioxide

What produces these emissions?

Flying is the most polluting means of transport. When taking off, almost a third of its weight is fuel and, during the flight, 3 kg of carbon dioxide is produced for every kilo of fuel, which remains for a long time in the atmosphere due to the altitude.

What can you do to reduce them?

Whenever possible, avoid flying.  And if you have to travel, make the most of your stay. 

On business trips, it is important to consider the alternatives, such as taking inter-city trains or buses for domestic trips, or holding meetings by videoconferencing.

At BBVA, we have created the first personal carbon footprint calculator

If you are already a customer, discover how much carbon dioxide you generate with your gas, electricity and fuel consumption on the BBVA app's Sustainability Section.

Want to find out more about your carbon footprint and how to reduce it?