Find out how your carbon footprint is generated

Some of our everyday actions also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Showering every day generates 109 kg of carbon dioxide a year.

What produces these emissions?

A shower lasting about 5 minutes emits between 90 and 200 grams of CO2 if using a gas boiler, and as much as 500 grams if an electric boiler is used.

What actions can lower these emissions?

For example, avoiding long showers, turning off the tap while lathering and keeping the temperature not too high. It's also very important to use aerator heads, since they give the feeling of providing more water than is actually consumed, and they reduce the volume of water that has to be heated.

At BBVA, we have created the first personal carbon footprint calculator

If you are already a customer, discover how much carbon dioxide you generate with your gas, electricity and fuel consumption on the BBVA app's Sustainability Section.

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