Find out how your carbon footprint is generated

Some of our everyday actions also contribute to greenhouse gas emissions.

Driving 1 km emits 121 g of CO2

What produces these emissions?

The amount of greenhouse gases emitted by a vehicle is affected by its power and engine size, the speed at which it is driven, the type of fuel used and the vehicle's weight.

What actions can lower these emissions?

To make your driving more environmentally friendly, you have to focus on your vehicle's maintenance, such as changing the oil or tires as needed. It's also important to avoid sudden acceleration or braking maneuvers, drive at a moderate speed and carpool whenever possible.

At BBVA, we have created the first personal carbon footprint calculator

If you are already a customer, discover how much carbon dioxide you generate with your gas, electricity and fuel consumption on the BBVA app's Sustainability Section.

Want to find out more about your carbon footprint and how to reduce it?