What you can do at a BBVA ATM

Find out what you can do at BBVA ATMs.

When we think about ATMs, it's usually because we want to withdraw cash or deposit cash into our account. However, BBVA's ATMs are the perfect tool for doing other types of transactions and they can save you a great deal of time.

Here are some of the most frequent transactions that are done on ATMs, and others that you may not be aware of but that can come in very handy when you need them.

Remember, you can do your banking at BBVA ATMs using:

  • BBVA Credit or debit card.
  • Savings passbook.
  • Login credentials for BBVA.es.

Doing your banking at a BBVA ATM

You can see everything the ATM lets you do by selecting the "More banking" option from the main menu, located at the top left of the touch screen.

  1. Withdraw cash.
  2. Deposit cash.
  3. Global position. 
    • Savings and investment products (accounts). 
    •  Cards. 
    • Other products (insurance).
    • You can request a receipt/certificate for the products available and the account balances.
  4. Accounts: You can do checks for specific periods: Previous 7, 15 or 30 days. 
  5. Pension Plans:
    • Check an account associated with a plan. 
    • Check account entries. 
    • Contribute to a plan.
  6. Investment funds. 
    • Check an account associated with a fund. 
    • Check account entries. 
  7. Check direct debit payments: You can select a specific payment and check or print out a receipt with information on the payment.
  8. ATMs nearby: if the ATM is not working or if you are having problems, you can find other BBVA ATMs nearby.
  9. Payments. 
    • Bills and taxes.
    • Social security collection payments.
    • Manage direct debit payments.
    • Express Payment Service. 
    • Income. 
  10. Transfers. 
    • Transfer between my accounts.
    • Transfer to other accounts. 
    • Manage periodic orders and other inquiries. 
    • Order periodic transfers. 
    • Manage standing orders.
    • International transfer. 
  11. Cards.
    • Postpone payments. 
    • Transfer from credit card to account. 
    • Request duplicate card.
    • Report theft/loss of card. 
  12. Add funds. 
    • Add funds to phone.
    • Add funds to pre-paid card. 
  13. Mobile Cash. 
  14. Request foreign currency. 
  15. Request check book.