Quality Inversión Conservadora, the biggest fund in Spain

The BBVA investment fund exceeds 10,000 million euros of funds received
Quality Inversión Conservadora, the BBVA investment fund, became the biggest fund in Spain in 2017, and in March 2018 it exceeded the threshold of 10,000 million euros of managed funds. This fund was launched in 2007, and it was during 2017 that it experienced a higher rate of growth in terms of contributions received, with 5,238 million euros in net subscriptions.
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What does the fund Quality Inversión Conservadora invest in?

Quality Inversión Conservadora is a global investment fund intended for investors with a medium-low risk profile (level 3 out of 7). It is a suitable solution if you are looking for a prudent approach to the appreciation of your capital in the long term.

It is a diversified solution in terms of asset classes, and a global and dynamically-managed fund in which investors delegate the investment decisions to a specialist team. BBVA AM will adjust the exposures to each class of financial asset, within certain limits according to the investors' risk tolerance, depending on the conditions that prevail in the market at any given time. Due to its nature, it is not suitable for investments with a time horizon of less than three years.

Its management is active and flexible, with exposure to securities ranging from 0% to 30% of the total assets. In the case of the investments in fixed-income securities, a minimum of 90% of these investments are in assets with a high credit rating, and a maximum of 10% in assets with a low credit rating (including 5% in assets without any rating).

Quality Inversión Conservadora can invest in any market and in any type of fixed-income or equity security (stocks, bonds, promissory notes, indexes, derivative instruments, etc.) issued in different currencies.
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Quality Inversión Moderada, the number 2 fund

The second biggest investment fund in terms of the volume of funds received is also managed by BBVA Asset Management. The fund in question is Quality inversión moderada, which in March 2018 exceeded 6,600 million euros in managed assets.

The growth of other multi-asset distribution funds

Like Quality Inversión Conservadora, other multi-asset distribution funds are growing in response to their global and diversified nature, as well as their capacity to tend to investors' needs.

One example of such funds is the BBVA Mi Objetivo range of funds, which are suitable when it is not the investor's risk profile that determines the investment decisions, but rather the goal or objective that they have set for their savings. 

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