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We support you with insurance policies that protect you against possible claims and that insure your resources and facilities against unforeseen events.

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  • Public liability
  • Life
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  • Health Insurance for Companies and Self-Employed Workers

    An insurance policy with more than 45 professionals, 1,200 medical centers and a 24-hour emergency service.
  • Sick leave insurance

    Ensure your income for when you are on leave from work and know in advance how much you will receive.
  • BBVA SegurLeasing

    Guarantee the damage and material losses of your property as a result of an accidental, sudden and unforeseen cause.
  • CiberSeguro BBVA Pymes y Autónomos

    Protects you against potential cyberattacks, data theft and damages and losses associated with the attack itself.
  • SegurNegocios

    Protect your business from material losses or damage. Covers breakage of machinery or electronic equipment.
  • BBVA SegurPyme

    Comprehensive insurance that protects your SME by ensuring your goods, assets and activity.


  • Agricultural Machinery Insurance

    Protect your tractors, harvesters, ploughs, semi-trailers and trailers and pay a flat rate.
  • Exteriorización ERE Insurance

    Guarantee public benefits and income for subscription in the Special Agreement with Social Security.
  • Agro Comprehensive Insurance

    Comprehensive insurance that covers your farm business facilities and their contents.


  • BBVA Autónomos and SMEs Civil Liability Insurance

    Focus on your business and protect both it and your employees from potential damage caused to third parties.
  • BBVA Directors and Officers Liability Insurance

    Deal with law suits that can jeopardize your personal assets as a manager or director.
  • Keyman Life Insurance

    Protect the future of your business in the event of death or total permanent incapacity due to an accident.
  • BBVA Broker Credit Insurance

    Protect yourself against possible non-payment by one of your debtors. The insurance company assumes the risks of non-payment.
  • Construction insurance

    It protects you as a developer or builder against different risks during the construction period.
  • BBVA Agricultural Insurance

    Offers extensive coverage to protect your farming operation against possible damages and accidents.
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You can also visit the BBVA Insurances website.
You can also visit the BBVA Insurances website.