Company cards

More flexibility, control and security in your payments, with the BBVA range of cards.

Select the type of business you have

Are you self-employed or a company?
  • I am a self-employed worker
  • My company invoices under 5 million
  • My company invoices over 5 million
What will you use it for the most?
  • For general spending
  • To deposit your receipts
  • To get around on the road
  • Negocios Credit Card

    The credit card to manage your expenses and those of your company while you save 2% on fuel.
  • Negocios Debit Card

    The debit card to manage your and your company's expenses while saving you 2% on fuel.
  • Business Card

    The credit card that helps you manage your expenses. Includes accident insurance and travel assistance.
  • Visa Corporate Card

    The credit card for tracking your business expenses that lets you pay and withdraw up to 30 thousand euros in cash.
  • Agrocoop Business Card

    The credit card for farmers and agricultural and livestock cooperatives. From €600 to €6,000.
  • Ingreso Express Card

    The card that makes it easy to deposit your daily cash receipts safely and conveniently at a BBVA ATM.
  • VIA T Telepeaje Card

    The card for paying tolls on highways and parking lots without stopping your vehicle. Offers discounts on tolls.
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