A team of experts for your business

Have your own team of BBVA experts to help you achieve your company's goals.

What is it and how can it help me?

Your company always at the center

This is a personalized and exclusive service for business customers with an annual turnover in excess of €5M.

  • We will assign you your own team of experts
  • We make more front-line advisers available so the team can make a difference from day one
  • You will receive support and solutions that will help you make financial decisions.

This is your team of experts

  • Your Relationship Manager

    An expert on your company who is always available to help you define a good financial strategy and find suitable solutions with the help of the team.             
  • Your short-term financing, collection and payment adviser

    Specialist in identifying the best solution for financing working capital, optimizing cash flows, adapting payment formulas to suppliers and analyzing business solutions that can help you sell more. The adviser will also guide you on everything related to our online banking             
  • Your International Business Adviser

    A specialist in trade finance who will help you with your internationalization process. From choosing the payment or collection method and providing and coordinating global financing solutions, to helping you have a Relationship Manager for your day-to-day operations in those countries where we offer Corporate Banking.
  • Your Sustainable Financing Manager

    A specialist who will analyze the most beneficial financing for your investments in sustainable equipment and facilities. They will provide all their experience in every aspect of sustainability in the business world.
  • Your Investment Banking Adviser

    Will work with you to structure the best debt and capital alternative for your company's strategic needs. An expert in markets of syndicated loans, bonds, project finance, mergers, acquisitions and IPOs.
  • Your Financial Markets Manager

    An expert in products that will let you limit and manage the different financial risks your company may be exposed to due to changing interest and currency exchange rates.