An expert team for your company

Put at your disposal a group of specialists for help you in areas key for your company.

Carmen Riesco, short-term financing specialist with BBVA

Carmen forms part of our team of specialists that will help you to boost your business through different financing solutions. 

Watch this video to find out how to optimize your supplier payment management through reverse factoring.

In what can help your expert team in companies

At BBVA we offer a personalized and exclusive business banking service for customers with an annual turnover of over €5 million. Each customer is assigned an individual team of experts. This team, led by a Relationship Manager, will provide your business with the necessary support for financial decision-making.

Relationship Manager

Short-term Financing Specialist

This specialist will help to identify working capital financing solutions and to adapt supplier payment methods. From a simple commercial discount to sophisticated factoring and reverse factoring methods.

Long-term Financing Specialist

This specialist will analyze the most beneficial financing alternatives for investments in equipment and facilities to help your company to grow.

Foreign Trade Specialist

This specialist will offer support for the internationalization of your business. From choosing the most suitable payment or collection method, managing complex documentary credits, or providing international financing solutions.

Renting Specialist

An expert in expanding and renovating your company's equipment through the comprehensive renting service. From vehicles to IT equipment, or any kind of machinery.


Payment Method Specialist

This specialist will help you find digital and POS terminal solutions to facilitate selling and customer payment collections.


International Growth Specialist

This specialist will coordinate a comprehensive global solutions service for your business. You will have a Relationship Manager for your daily management processes in any of the countries where we offer Business Banking services.

Transaction Service Specialist

A specialist in optimizing your company's flows of liquid assets. You can get the most out of online banking by streamlining the conciliation procedures and making efficient payments and collections.

Investment Banking Specialist

An expert in markets of syndicated loans, bonds, project finance, mergers, acquisitions and flotation. This expert will help you to articulate alternative debt and capital, adjusted to the needs of your business.

Financial Market Specialist

An expert in products, allowing your business to limit and manage the different financial risks to which it may be exposed due to fluctuations in interest rates and currency exchanges.

The benefits of having a team of specialists

Find out what our specialists can do for your business.