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Agro rural banking BBVA

Facing new agricultural challenges together

At BBVA, we offer specialized financing solutions for your agricultural or livestock operation so you can face the new agricultural challenges:

  • Efficient water use
  • Machinery upgrades
  • Monitoring your crops

We are agro specialists

We are close to you with specialist farming solutions in the field for farmers and ranchers

Solutions for the field

We bring banking products and special financial solutions for farmers and ranchers. Everything your farm needs.

Solutions for climate change

We are committed to transforming the sector towards a more sustainable model by providing you with useful tools and content.

Tools for your holding

We offer the best tools and technologies in the world of agriculture.

Committed to the agricultural sector

We take part in public agreements with regional governments, the Government of Spain and SAECA to modernize the sector.

Agricultural banking with specialized products for farmers and ranchers

Sowing new opportunities for you

Sustainable solutions for your farm

BBVA offers new features to make your agricultural business more environmentally friendly

Technology at the service of farmers

The challenge of agricultural SMEs: smart and profitable farming

Energy efficiency improvements

We offer solar self-supply solutions.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint and emissions of your holding.
  • Adjust consumption based on your needs.

Here are some technological solutions for more sustainable operations

We provide useful information on the agricultural sector

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