BBVA My Business

Controls the sales and the TPVs of your business, from the cell phone.
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Achieves more control on your business.

All the advantages of My Business are in the BBVA's app and Net's app Cash.
  • Tracking of sales last and sales real-time.
  • Possibility of add other ways of charge and of request limit of POS*advance.
  • Creation of filters and comparative between different periods and shops.
Need a POS?
Manages the charges of your business with the TPVs of BBVA.

Why should I start using BBVA My Business?

  • BBVA My Business, is a new functionality intended for all the customers that have TPVs of BBVA, physiques or virtual. Be able to manage the sales and remittances of up to ten TPVs. 

    It allows businesses and the self-employed to control their day-to-day operations conveniently from a cell phone. All you will need to access this new experience is the BBVA App, if you are self-employed, or the Net Cash App, if it is for a company. 

    Sales and refunds recorded on the POS terminal are shown by days, months and years. You will also have a useful comparison with previous periods. All this provides you with a fast, intuitive overview of your invoicing. 

    The filters provided also allow you to search for specific dates and find certain sales, thus facilitating your day-to-day business management.

    My Business also allows consult the sales and refunds carried out for the trade real-time.

    Account also with charts and information on the sales of the last seven days, the expense means of your customers, the day of great and smaller turnover and even the trade be able to carry out comparative between different periods of time and different shops. All of this allow to the trade do a better tracking and take strategic decisions for improve your business.

    Moreover offers information on the turnover that the trade has carried out in other currencies using the service of DCC

    The new experience My Business also includes some solutions of useful business for the companies, with a limit of 10 shops. For example, businesses with an available POS Advance limit can access it simply via this new online feature.

    * The POS terminal advance is subject to prior approval by BBVA.

Uses BBVA My business

from BBVA's App if are self-employed worker or from the Net App cash if are company.