Choose how you intend to use your POS terminal:

Are you self-employed or a company?
  • I am a self-employed worker
  • My company invoices over 5 million
  • My company invoices under 5 million
Where do you intend to use your POS terminal?
  • I plan to take it wherever I go
  • At my place of business, connected to Wi-Fi
  • In a fixed place connected with a cable
  • In my online store, as a payment gateway
Do you want to integrate it into your cell phone?
  • No, I would prefer a normal POS terminal
  • Yes, I want to collect payments directly with my cell phone or tablet
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Now your customers can make contactless payments of up to €50 without a PIN

Contactless payments

In these times, we all have to make an effort to stay home and avoid contact. For this reason, Spanish banks have agreed to temporarily extend contactless payments from €20 to €50 to reduce contact with the terminal by entering the PIN.

A measure that was phased in starting March 30, and that will last as long as the situation requires.