Online Credit Account

Liquidity for your everyday business needs

Finance what you need.
  • Up to €25,000 a year to make your purchases whenever you want.
  • You do not have to submit supporting documents for expenses.
  • Sign up instantly 100% online.

As if it were your own money

  • You decide the amount and the destination
    You can request between €3,000 and €25,000 in credit annually. Once your application has been approved, it will be placed in your account so that you make payments as needed for your activity.
  • And also, the repayment
    There are no fixed fees. Throughout the year-long duration of the contract, you can place the amounts you wish in your account at the time that best suits you.
Do you need a loan of over €25,000?
If you need more than the amount offered online, you can apply for the Negocios Credit Account at our branches.

Forget about the paperwork

  • Sign up online
    1. Log in to your private area and choose the online credit account.
    2. Fill in the application and use your digital signature.
    3. If everything is correct, you can start using your account in just 24 hours.
  • No need to sign before a notary
    To open your credit account, you do not need to sign before a notary. Moreover, unlike other types of financing such as loans, you do not need to justify expenses by submitting invoices or similar documents. 
With the Credit Account you can also make and receive transfers, pay bills using direct debit, or charge with a POS terminal.

What about expenses and interest?

  • Every three months you will receive the charge corresponding to the settlement of expenses in your credit account. These are the usual expenses for in any credit account: 

    1. Interest on drawdowns. It is fixed and is applied to the amount you have drawn each quarter.
    2. Availability fee. It is applied to the amount you have not drawn each quarter. 

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    If you have a business, manage your sales, remittances, and POS terminal quickly and easily with My Business.

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