Bank Guarantees for companies

Guarantee and manage your company's financial or commercial obligations and commitments in a fully digital way.

Manage your company's national and international guarantees through BBVA's online banking service

To do this, you just need to have the guarantee service activated and have a guarantee facility in force with available credit.

  • Request any guarantee, whenever you need it and from anywhere.
  • The guarantees are displayed in digital format.
  • Check the status of your guarantees at all times, whether you are the guaranteed company or the beneficiary.

All of this and much more with the AvalBox digital guarantee management platform. 

The world of guarantees has changed

Request, submit and check your company guarantees 100% online with the AvalBox guarantee management platform

  • With the guarantee from Signaturit, a trusted provider of electronic services, with an international presence and certified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs.
  • Quickly and securely, with no paperwork or travel.
  • With constant monitoring of the status of the guarantees you have issued or cancelled.
  • Use templates with predefined texts for your management, or send your own.

The safest, fastest and most environmentally friendly way to manage your guarantees

As it is 100% online, your digital guarantee will always be available, without having to travel and without the inconvenience of physical paperwork such as losses or damage, so you contribute to a more sustainable system.

With the support of Signaturit as a Trusted Third Party

Signaturit, a provider of electronic services certified by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, is responsible for communicating the issuance of the guarantee, acting as a Trusted Third Party, guarding, verifying and offering an extra security and greater guarantees to the beneficiary companies.

Use our predefined templates or add your own to issue your guarantee

Whether the beneficiary companies are national or international, whether they are from the public or private sector, you can request your guarantees using the templates with predefined texts that we provide or add your own onto the platform.

Continually monitor your guarantees and find out about their status instantly

With AvalBox, you will be able to instantly find out the risk limits, expiration dates, beneficiaries etc. of all national and international guarantees you have issued or cancelled, In addition, you will always have all the information on the cost of the service available.