BBVA medical leave insurance

Keep your income when you can't work.

In the event of an illness or accident, as specified in the policy.
  • Know in advance how much you will receive.
  • Additional benefit for hospitalization.
  • Coverage for full permanent disability or death.

Your health comes first

  • Receive daily compensation

    If you are sick or in an accident, BBVA Sick Leave Insurance makes up for lost wages due to your inability to work. Every day, you receive a fixed amount on top of the Social Security benefit to help you cover any expenses.

    Know how much you will receive

    Together with your policy, we will give you a scale specifying the days of compensation for the type of illness and the coverage amount. That way, you can know in advance how much you are entitled to. Plus, you don't have to file medical reports or hospital discharge papers.

    See example of compensation

More coverages at no additional cost

  • Hospitalization

    If you are admitted to a hospital, you receive a daily amount based on the type of policy you have. This amount is added to your compensation for sick leave and to the Social Security benefit.

    Full permanent disability or death

    The Sick Leave Insurance also doubles as occupational accident insurance. In the event of full permanent disability or death due to this cause, it pays out the compensation specified.

You just need the medical leave form to start receiving your daily benefit.

Set up your insurance

  • Which is the right type of policy for you?

    We offer three insurance options: Essential, More and More Security. They all include the same coverages but different compensation amounts.

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    Convenient payment options

    The premium is calculated based on your age, profession and policy type. Your choice of payment deferral options: monthly, quarterly or half-yearly.

Save with the EstarSeguro Plan

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