Mutual funds

Plan your investments from €30 with BBVA Investment funds. Choose the one that best suits your investment needs and also find funds from international fund managers and those highlighted by Quality Funds.

Plan your savings with Investment Funds; at BBVA you have two ways of doing so:

We help you

Discover BBVA Invest: A personalized advisory service that offers you investment products that suit your preferences and objectives.

Do it yourself

Use our advanced search engine to find BBVA Investment Funds, filter according to your profile and needs and compare up to four funds before you make your decision.

Award for the Best Manager

BBVA Asset Management awarded Best Asset Allocation Manager.

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Quality Funds

Formed by a team of analysts that monitor and select the best international funds daily.

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Investment fund tools

Take a look at all the tools that we provide you with, which will help you to successfully define your investment strategy.

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We help you make better decisions

My Investments

Find out the status and returns of all your investments.

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Responsible investment

Managed in a way that is socially responsible and in-line with your values.

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