BBVA Ahora Card

BBVA Ahora Card

  • It also offers insurance to cover any robbery at an ATM and provides protection against fraudulent use.

  • If you have the BBVA app, you will receive a notification each time you make a payment using your card.

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How does it work?

  • Whenever pay a purchase or carry out a cash withdrawal through debit card in ATMs, immediately charge the amount in your associated account.

What are its main characteristics?

  • Compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  • Fee yearly by issuance and maintenance of a debit card: €28. Enquiry how not pay fees here.
  • Details of movements: be able to consult in bbva.es, in Contact BBVA, ATMs or through BBVA's App. 
  • Fees for withdrawing cash by card at ATMs:
Cash withdrawals Debit
ATMs of the BBVA group in Spain 0%
ATMs in Spain of banks other than the BBVA group Note 1
ATMs outside of Spain 4.5% (minimum €3)

Note 1: For debit card cash withdrawals in euros from ATMs belonging to banks that are not part of the BBVA Group in Spain, BBVA will charge the same fee that the bank owning the ATM charges BBVA. This amount will be provided by the bank that owns the ATM before the cash withdrawal.

  • Fee for use of the Card outside of the Eurozone: 3% on the equivalent amount in euros for all transactions outside of the Eurozone, based on the exchange rate obtained by the Payment Systems on the date when the corresponding settlement occurs.

What are the necessary requirements?

  • Have an account at BBVA and be the account holder of the same.

  • With regard to the PIN (personal identification number of your card), you must take into account that:
    • It is a secret and personal code that should not be disclosed to other people.
    • It is advisable not to carry your PIN written down or together with the cards.
    • Try to avoid choosing an easily guessable number like your birthday, year of birth or any other personal detail. 
  • BBVA cards have Contactless technology, which means that you can pay in shops that admit this payment method just by swiping the card by the payment terminal. It's as fast, comfortable and secure as that. 
  • There are additional fees, such as those derived from using the card abroad. Ask at your branch and we will inform you.