Sure SMEs Legal Liability and Self-employed workers BBVA

Sure SMEs Legal Liability and Self-employed workers BBVA

Protect yourself against claims for damages from third parties resulting from your professional activity, so you can focus on your business without worrying. All this thanks to our public liability insurance for self-employed workers.

  • Covers compensations and legal expenses deriving from incidents in the workplace.

  • Protect yourself, your employees and your work against damages suffered by third parties in the workplace.

  • 10% discount, exclusively for SMEs, for joint sale of BBVA Civil Liability Insurance until April 30, 2019.

Comprehensive coverage options

  • Our liability insurance for professionals protects employees (up to a maximum of 10 employees), their work and the self-employed worker themselves from damages caused to third parties while performing their occupation.
  • Protect yourself against any third-party claims arising from damages (whether financial, material or bodily) caused while performing your occupation or profession, with compensation for items covered by the policy as well as cover for legal defense expenses, thanks to this civil liability insurance for professionals.

Customization of the public liability insurance for self-employed workers

A wide range of coverage options and capital limits. We offer you an insurance policy for self-employed workers that protects you against all insurable forms of civil liability (one of the most comprehensive ranges of cover on the market), depending on your professional activity. We adapt to your needs, because we know that every activity has its specific needs.

Custom pricing

  • The ability to select your insured limits and deductables.
  • Possibility to pay for this public liability insurance for professionals in installments.

Moreover, if you have an SME, get a 10% discount when you sign up for the BBVA RC Pymes y Autónomos Insurance and the BBVA Directors and Executives Public Liability Insurance at the same time(1)until April 30, 2019.

  • New registrations: if contracted together with a BBVA RC Gerentes y Administradores Insurance policy.
  • Current Portfolio: A 10% discount will be applied to new RC Autónomos y Pymes Insurance policies sold to customers who already have a BBVA RC Gerentes y Administradores Insurance policy.

 (1) The discount will be applied once issuance of the two policies has been finalized.
Insurance company: Hiscox S.A., Branch in Spain.
Broker: BBVA MEDIACION, OPERADOR DE BANCA-SEGUROS VINCULADO, S.A.. Company registered in Special Administrative Registry under number OV-0060.