The best financing of movable or immovable property through rental payments.

You can purchase the property after the lease contract has ended.
  • Financing up to 100% of the investment amount without taxes.
  • Eliminate the risk of default payments.
  • Making the payment for the assets acquired. 

How does it work?

  • Service designed for companies with business in sales, industry, agrarian or services, which need equipment, vehicles, furniture, an office, warehouse or any other goods. We will buy the asset that you indicate, regardless of the country where it is located, so that your company can then use it in exchange for convenient rental payments with no large expenditures required.

    Moreover, when the rental agreement ends, you have the option to purchase it. We help you to invest in the movable and immovable property you wish while proffering the maximum tax deductions permitted under your tax regime.

    • Option of guaranteeing the financed assets while covering the entire capital pending repayment in the event of total loss and theft.
    • Option to take out life insurance alongside the transaction that fully covers the outstanding capital to be redeemed in the event of the title holder's death.
    • Option to take out an interest rate coverage that protects against fluctuations in the rate in these medium and long-term loans.


  • For your company
    • Financing up to 100% of the amount of the investment without taxes, as the Leasing comprises the total amount of the invoice excluding VAT/IGIC. 
    • This is a medium- and long-term financing formula (minimum period of 2 years for movable property and 10 years for immovable property). 
    • Payments are a tax-deductible expense (subject to limitations in some cases).   
    • Payment for the acquired goods together with the added productivity they create. 
    • By paying the full amount to the supplier up front, you'll receive a discount reflected in your financing. 
    • It provides the exact calculation of operating costs.    
    • At the end of the lease contract you can choose to purchase the asset. 
    • You do not need to have the funds to cover VAT/IGIC at the time of the purchase of the asset, as this is paid by the Bank. 
    • VAT/IGIC payments differ according to the year: prevents having excess tax to pay in a single year, which is generally not compensated.

    For your suppliers
    • Collecting in cash. 
    • Instant liquidity. 
    • Eliminate the cost of financing sales to clients.
    • Free up other lines of funding in banks.
    • Avoid administrative costs arising from the control of your customer portfolio.
    • It facilitates sales by offering customers an alternative financing modality. 
    • Eliminate the risk of default payments. 

Equipment Leasing

  • This is for Leasing operations which stipulate an initial period (either because the asset is being built or because the customer has negotiated deferral of payment), and we will take care of making the payments to the asset supplier on the corresponding dates until the end of this period. 
    This enables financing of any movable or immovable property with an initial payment period of interest only plus tax, depending on the payouts made by the bank at any given time. 
    At the end of the contract, the renting customer can acquire ownership of the assets by exercising the purchase option.

    Tax benefits:

    • Financial charge is tax deductible (without limits).
    • The excess that is financially settled and not tax deductible, due to the annual limit, is not lost, but can instead be deducted in successive exercises, respecting the same annual limit.
    • The tax paid in payments is compensated with receivables from third parties for business operations. 

    Financial advantages:

    • The initial period of the payment schedule is not part of the contract price, therefore, document duty will not be charged on this amount. 
    • Prior determination of the payment schedule planned for the initial period is avoided, as is re-settlement based on deviations occurring in the planned schedule.

    Final payment leasing

    Leasing with deferral


Property leasing

  • This financial lease formula is designed for companies working in commercial, industrial, farming or services activities, making it possible to finance immovable property linked to their business, whether the property has been built or is under construction. 
    Once the financial lease period is over, you'll be able to exercise the purchase option set out in the contract. The minimum period established by law for this type of financing is 10 years. 

    Tax benefits

    • Early repayment depending on the size of the business and the tax depreciation of the asset. 
    • For companies that, due to their activity, pass on high taxes to third parties, the tax they bear via leasing payments helps them to offset it.

    Multi-purpose property leasing final installment

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