Caesar Bona

Master of elementary school

"Innovate not means drag all, is evolve in a constant way thinking always in the well-being of the children ".

Listen and do participants to the students, the passwords of this teacher for improve the education.

I not wanted be schoolteacher. Only thought in sport. Now am schoolteacher, is a privilege. In how many professions can invite to the boys and girls to that try improve the world where live?

Not can learn all on the internet. Internet is as an ocean, there can find cans or treasures. That is one of the functions of the schoolteachers, that can invite them to contrast information to that see or to that transform that information that is there to transform it in knowledge. And then, ask them what go to do with that knowledge. Because not is only that learn many things, are a be social. And there the task work of the schoolteachers is absolutely basic. Go to help to the families to educate to your children. The first model that go to have are your families, your parents, your mothers, but then are we. And for that reason is a privilege work of schoolteacher, not? A privilege that goes joined, as said Spiderman, to a major responsibility.

Is many things that are doing good, but also have to be critics with ourselves and know that is many things that have to improve. Starting for watch each within itself and that are aware of that every day have to give what is maximum for take out the best version of the boys. The education is vital, in the university and of the teachers on active service.

To which go to start I always them say that think a bit when are in the classroom not only are they which have to share things, but the boys and girls have a lot that share. And that the verbs listen, precisely, and share are tremendously important and are return.

The happiness not is the objective but say that is the path. First, is a fallacy. What say that some people sees about the happiness and forgets the knowledge is a fallacy. Is one of the phrases that have to try distance of we. Because who thinks that really the human being is fact only of knowledge and not of emotions has to revise certain things. Right now knows, for example, that a boy or a girl can learn with joy. Can learn with fear? Yes. But what happens in the brain is very different in a case and in another.

In your work, if go at ease produce. If not go at ease not produce and even be able to try change of work. But the children not have that option. Additionally is our mission do that they have desire of back on the following day . At least, look for the well-being. The children go to happen your childhood and your adolescence in a center educational. To me am interested in so much the knowledge as that the boy or the girl avenges at ease on the following day. And if not think thus, maybe have to revise some things. All evolves, the technology, the medicine, the transportations, all evolves. And the education… Why has partner always the education with persistence to the change? To me me results paradoxical.

Learns a lot of of the children in the moment in which you expect learn. For that have to travel to the boy or the girl that were for understand them better and so that us understand better they. But if is something that us teach every day is to live the life with simplicity, to fret of the now, not of tomorrow, of the now. For a boy say within some months is the infinity. And to find the magic in small things. What for many adults passes unnoticed for a boy or a girl results magical, not? That illusion also that you pass on if are hedged about with children, for that reason be schoolteacher is a profession of privileged.

Us lack listen to the children. Additionally to the families and to the teachers for go transforming all of this together. Have to rethink us many things, the share of the families is essential. The family is the first body educational then, the school. For that reason owe work as a team .

Knows more than Caesar Bona

Master of elementary school and graduated in Philology British. Author of books as "The new education " and "Las Escuelas that change the world", was the first teacher from Spain in reach the distinction of finalist in the prize Global Teacher Prize. Your initiative educational ‘El fourth hocico’, was awarded person for the primatóloga and Prince of Asturias Award, Jane Goodall. Bona demands the dialog with the students and the crucial role of the professorship as fundamental pillars of the education.
Why costs find teachers motivated?

Not believe that costs so much find them because know that is thousands of schoolteachers and schoolteachers that live with passion, every day, what do. Many times what is negative weighs more than it positive. Practically every day goes out some piece of news of a center that is doing something interesting. That is a major step. Because we as teachers must think that the impact that have in the world where live is very important. Imagine if this not is reason enough for feel motivated. Us lack remember that our mission is a lot of more important of what us believe. No longer is only transmit knowledge, also must invite to that they share your things, to that watch for the window and that try improve the world where live.

"The educators, parents and mothers owe work always together, as a team and with the dialog as tool that us help to go towards moves forward"

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