Privileges of the Iberia Plus Card

  • Privileges of the Iberia Plus Card:
    • Priority boarding on Iberia Group flights.
    • Preferential luggage check-in at Business counters.
    • Transport a larger volume of luggage at no extra cost.
    • Priority on stand-by lists for reservations and at the airport.
    • Plata Bonus: 25% additional Avios on your flights.
    • 24/7 Iberia Plus personalized customer care center (901 101 177).
    • Access to Luxury Hotel Collection Visa privileges.

    Promotion valid for new primary holders of an Iberia Icon card for private use.

    Conditions for obtaining the Iberia Plus Silver Card: The holder must make at least one purchase in a store within 6 months of the card issue date.

    Once this condition is satisfied, Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España will proceed to issue the associated Iberia Plus Silver Card. Through this promotion, Iberia Cards guarantees to maintain the Card Holder's Silver level for a minimum of 12 months from the month in which the required purchase amount is satisfied until the expiration date shown on the Iberia Plus Silver Card.

    Conditions for Renewing the Iberia Plus Silver Card: once the Iberia Plus Silver Card expires, as shown by the date printed on it, Iberia Cards will maintain the holder's Silver level as a member of the Iberia Plus program as long as the Holder has made a purchase with their Iberia Icon Card in the amount of at least €9,000 in stores and €100 in in the twelve months preceding said expiration date of the Iberia Plus Card. Any purchases made using the primary card and any secondary cards associated with it shall count toward this purchase requirement. These conditions must be satisfied annually in order for the Iberia Plus Silver Card to be renewed in subsequent years.

    Conditions for holders who are already Silver or higher members of the Iberia Plus program: holders who, at the time when the Iberia Icon Card is issued, or who, in any of the following renewals of their Iberia Plus Card, are Silver or higher members of the Iberia Plus program, will maintain their level. Iberia Cards guarantees that when their Iberia Plus card is renewed, they will maintain the Silver level if, at that time, they do not comply with the conditions specified by Iberia Líneas Aéreas to maintain said level, provided that the holder has complied with the conditions for obtaining the card specified for this promotion at the time when they first renew their Iberia Plus Card following the issuance of their Iberia Icon Card, or with the renewal conditions, in the case of the second and successive expirations of the Iberia Plus Card.

    Additional Cards, Iberia Classic Cards, any type of Corporate Card, as well as Cards that are canceled, blocked or in default at any time during this promotion, are excluded. This offer is not contractual and may be suspended at any time by Iberia Cards pursuant to its agreements with Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España. This promotion is also independent of the conditions that Iberia Líneas Aéreas de España establishes for assigning levels within the Iberia Plus program.