Holidays with no unwanted surprises: your travel health insurance

Health problems are one of the most common issues that travelers experience.

Your health is the most important thing, even when traveling. When you're abroad, any accident can be very expensive if you don't have adequate health insurance. Vacations let you escape your daily routine and unwind, but don't forget the most important thing: health. Before traveling, protect yourself against any medical or health issue. 

International travel medical insurance is the best way to ensure your health if you travel abroad. Below we will explain the advantages and coverage offered by medical travel insurance.

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Basic cover

Medical expenses are probably the most important aspect of travel insurance. When buying it, you have to pay close attention to the coverage it provides in this regard. When you travel abroad, you can be in an accident or come down with a disease, and you have to be prepared. 

A medical travel insurance policy usually includes the following basic coverage: 

  • Emergency medical care. 
  • Expenses for hospitalization, medications, tests, etc. 
  • Medical care in case of an accident. 

Apart from this basic coverage, you can also purchase additional coverage, such as repatriation in the event of death or serious illness or emergency evacuation

In addition, medical policies offer 24-hour hotlines that give policyholders all the practical information on the nearest medical centers they can go to, where they can be helped in the language of their choice and that's most convenient to them.

Your destination is the key to choosing the health insurance

Knowing the place you're traveling to is essential when deciding which medical insurance to purchase. Traveling in Europe isn't the same as going to the United States, Japan or Russia. The differences in health and medical costs between countries can be enormous. 

Get all the facts on your policy's medical coverage limits and set them based on the destination. For example, if you travel to the United States, where healthcare is very costly and the slightest problem can be extremely expensive, you should set higher limits than if you travel to France, where healthcare costs are much lower. 

Taking into account the type of trip you're going on will help you choose the most appropriate coverage limits. An insurance policy that covers up to 5,000 euros in health expenses will be of little use when treating a broken leg in the United States can cost up to 80,000 euros. 

Purchasing a policy means savings in the long term, since in some countries the cost of a simple consultation can easily exceed the price of the insurance. 

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Most countries don't require visitors to have medical insurance. But there are exceptions: Russia, Mongolia, Armenia and Tajikistan are just some of the countries that will not issue a visa if the traveler doesn't have travel assistance insurance that includes medical and health coverage. The best thing to do would be to verify this information with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to avoid any surprises. 

If traveling in Europe, don't forget to take your European Health Insurance Card with you so you can be covered in every European Union country when you travel for leisure, work or studies. Please note that this doesn't guarantee that your healthcare will be totally free. In some cases, you may have to pay the amount on the spot, although it will be reimbursed upon your return. So if this card isn't valid at your destination, you should take out a policy that will cover large medical expenses. 

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs recommends that travelers take out medical insurance when traveling abroad so that they are protected and covered if they get injured or sick during the trip, including evacuation by a medical plane. 

If you're traveling abroad and you're looking for a policy that offers you peace of mind and protection, at BBVA we have BBVA Travel Insurance, which provides additional coverage options not only for healthcare, but that also offers compensation in the event of lost, damaged or stolen luggage, or if your trip is delayed.

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