Corporate Card

The most prestigious and secure business cards on the market.

Thanks to the EMV chip, the 24X7 support and the various services they offer, you will be able to use them at any time and anywhere, with no worries.
  • Check your employees' expenses in real time. 
  • Find out more via online banking of the balances and transactions.
  • Accident insurance on travels. 


  • You can use the BBVA Corporate Card to pay for your company's travel and entertainment expenses. It is accepted in all VISA establishments across the world.

    You can apply for new cards for your employees simply and speedily on BBVA Net Cash, without having to visit your branch.

    • You can request customized cards and set monthly spending limits by user, day, or transaction.
    • You can view the balances and movements of your company cards in real time and download the information as Excel files and flat files that are compatible with your ERP.   
    • Generate reports and inquiries via online banking: list of cards by type, department or tax code; searches by alphabetical order, employee ID or card number; consumption per card; consumption per activity sector: travel, gasoline, food; send an e-mail to each employee (bulk or individual) with card info. 
    • Your employees can check their balance and transactions at any time via online banking, the BBVA customer helpline (902 22 44 66 or 91 224 94 26), or at any BBVA ATM in Spain.

    * Countries included by VISA agreement.

Advantages for your company

    • Add an Employee Disloyalty Insurance of up to €30,000 This insurance covers any monetary losses incurred by your company due to unjustified charges made by one of your employees. 
    • You can view the full card transaction history of all your employees in real time. 
    • It has the Secure Commerce Code (PIC number) for online purchases on the website requested.

Advantages for your employees

    • Accident insurance on travels. Insurance coverage in the event of death or permanent total disability and partial permanent disability.
    • Travel Assistance Insurance. It covers all cardholders and their families while traveling, even if the tickets were not purchased with the BBVA Corporate Card. Cover for the following items, inter alia: travel medical and hospitalization expenses, repatriation expenses due to an illness or death, travel expenses due to the death of the cardholder, extended stays abroad for medical reasons, and compensation for delayed flights and baggage theft or delays. 
    • 48-hour card replacement or cash service in any country* in the world.

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