Specialists for your business

This panel of experts can offer very important support for your business
How much do I need to improve facilities? How should I tackle the internationalization process? What insurance suits me best? These are just some of the questions that any entrepreneur may ask themselves in their day to day. We know this because we've been helping companies for over 20 years. Now, give a step more and put at your disposal an expert team committed to achieve that your company grows.
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Experts for companies
A group of specialists that you help in the areas key for your company.
The expert team in companies is formed by 10 specialists: a Director of Relations who coordinates and works closely with the nine specialists, who will help the Director with decision-making and the company's financial strategies.

9 specialists in key areas:

  • Foreign trade specialist: they will help you with everything related to the internationalization process. For example, choosing the best payment method or providing international financing solutions.
  • Transaction services specialist: can help you to get the most out of online banking, for example, how to collect and make payments differently.
  • Investment banking specialist: knows the bond market, public offerings etc. in depth. Ultimately, they will help you to structure the best alternative debt and capital according to your company's strategy.
  • Financial markets specialist: they will guide you with managing different financial risks which your company may be exposed to.
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Works together with a panel of experts
And anticipates the needs of your business.
  • Short and long term financing specialist: although these are two different specialists they both have the same goal: to identify the best financing solution according to the characteristics of your company.
  • Asset specialist: an asset management expert who will provide you with an accessible and customized advisory service for all your company's resources, from resource planning to financial investment.
  • Payment specialist: offers you the best digital solutions. And they will also help you with the range of company cards.
  • Insurance specialist: this expert offers you their knowledge in company insurance to protect your company's assets, the related responsibilities and your employees.
  • International expansion specialist: offers you a Director of Relations for the day-to-day runnings in any of the countries where we operate with Corporate Banking.

If you have a company with a turnover of more than 5 million, you have access to your own team of specialists. Learn more in Experts in companies and makes good use of another of the advantages that BBVA puts at your disposal for do you the life easier.

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