Agrocoop Business Card

The credit card for agricultural and livestock businesses.

Designed for farmers and agricultural and livestock cooperatives.


  • Customizable with your cooperative's logo.
  • Extensive coverage from the associated insurance plans.
  • From €600 to €6,000 credit.
  • No credit card issuance or maintenance fees for the first year.

How does it work?

  • This credit card can be used to spend money up to a set limit, make purchases, and withdraw cash at ATMs, without touching the money you have in your account. You can pay it back at the end of the month or defer the payment in several installments. Credit cards are products used for financing; therefore, they require bank authorization prior to being issued. 


    • Credit limit: from €600 to €6,000.
    • Option to include the cooperative logo provided that it has already been registered at the bank.
    • Travel accident insurance of up to €310,000.
    • Medical expenses insurance of up to €3,000. 
    • Baggage loss insurance of up to €600.
    • Flight delay insurance of up to €570.
    • Employee disloyalty insurance of up to €15,000. 

Payment methods

  • Payment methods:

    • Total payment: you pay back the money spent on the 5th day of the following month, with no interest.
    • Deferred payment: fixed amount (from €18) or a percentage (starting at 5%), with interest fees.

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  • We have a network of 6,000 ATMs in Spain available for our customers.
  • We are leaders in digital innovation working to make your life that bit easier.
  • We believe in doing things a transparent, clear and responsible way.

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