Toyota Corolla 1.8 Active Tech e-CVT

Get a Toyota Corolla and drive a new car every 4 years

  • €325.70 a month, VAT included
  • Down payment of €2,420.09 VAT included.
  • Includes insurance, maintenance and up to 15,000 km a year

What is included?

  • The main advantage of renting is that you make a payment and forget about the usual car expenses.

    The monthly payment covers all these expenses:

    • Zero-deductible insurance that covers personal and third-party damages.
    • Inspections and repairs as per the maintenance book.
    • Unlimited tire replacements due to wear or puncture.
    • Replacement car at no additional cost.
    • 24/7 roadside assistance.
    • Handling of fines until expiration of administrative procedures.

    Your Toyota Corolla 1.8 Active Tech e-CVT features:

    • 122 HP TSI hybrid engine
    • Fuel consumption 3.2 - 3.6 l/100 km.
    • GO Navigation.
    • Cruise control with remote sensor.
    • Rear parking sensors.
    • Lane change assist.

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Pay for what you use

  • The payment of €325.70 and down payment of €2,420.09 is calculated for a period of 48 months and a maximum of 15,000 km/year; but you can drive as many miles as you want.

    Every 4 years we'll review the mileage on your Toyota Corolla. If you have traveled less than 15,000 kilometers a year, we will refund you the money. If you have traveled more, you pay the difference.

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