Direct debit your bills at BBVA

The most convenient direct debit.

Bring your bills to BBVA using your phone.

Tell us which ones you want to directly deposit and do so quickly and easily.
  • Bank instantly from the app.
  • Save on fees.
  • Forget about procedures. 

What is Bring your Bills to BBVA?

  • It is a way to pay your bills by direct debit from your phone. By paying them by direct debit from the app, you avoid delayed payments and you save on fees. We here at BBVA take care of setting up the direct debit and keep you up to date with the whole process at all times.

    To do so, just access the Moving Service at or the BBVA app and select the option "Bring my bills". It is convenient, easy and 100% digital.

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Your bank on your smartphone with the BBVA app

Associated features

  • Find out how to pay your non-direct debited bills from your cell phone, wherever and whenever you want.
  • Use your smartwatch to check your bank accounts, including your total balance and additional product information.
  • BBVA offers several mobile payment options so you don't have to carry around any cash or cards.