Financing of imports

A specific credit limit for imports.

  • Make purchases abroad without losing liquidity.
  • Finance all or part of the payment.
  • Choose the exact payment due date.

You only pay for what you use

  • Availability at no cost
    You will only pay for the amount you use to finance imports. If your annual limit is €42,000 and you end up using €15,000, you will only pay for those €15,000.
  • Personalized price
    When you sign up for this credit limit, an adviser will analyze your case and your needs and offer you an interest rate.

Purchase without losing liquidity

  • Keep your company's capital
    For example, you can defer payment on an invoice to match a receivable, thus keeping your liquidity intact.
Once the credit limit is activated, you will be able to finance your imports directly from your online banking service.

It enhances your company's image

  • It improves your bargaining power
    If you pay your suppliers at the time of purchase, you can negotiate better prices or discounts for early payment.
  • It shows solvency
    Since your supplier will receive the payment at the time of purchase, this will give you the chance to establish a reputation as a reliable and solid company.

A personal adviser at your side

  • Specialists to answer your questions

    Our team of specialists in foreign trade will make your international transactions easier. Your adviser will help whenever you have questions on financing imports.

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Some questions that may come up

Tools for your international business

  • Help on Incoterms

    Find out which Incoterms are best suited to the import or export transaction you are pursuing.
  • Information on countries

    See what the business environment is like in more than 50 countries. You will be able to see reports filtered by country and sector.

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