International guarantees and collateral

Guarantee the payment of commitments and obligations.

Made by your company to third parties.
  • All types of services to cover your needs, whether you're an importer or exporter.
  • Remote banking to submit all types of questions and inquiries.
  • With the collaboration of CESCE to reinsure operations with greater risk.

What are International endorsements and guarantees?

  • Guarantees and endorsements are instruments used by a financial institution to serve as a guarantor for the commercial or financial commitments acquired by a client company in its operations. This way, they irrevocably ensure compliance with the commercial and/or financial commitments derived from national and international operations.

    We can offer you all types of services to protect your business needs: provisional endorsements, endorsement lines, technical and economic endorsements, endorsements with the Spanish Tax Agency (AEAT), exchange endorsements, special endorsements, endorsements to secure regular benefits, endorsements before the public administrations and arrangement endorsements.

    You can also use our remote banking system to perform all types of queries regarding the status of your endorsements: general data, settlements and upcoming maturities, among others.

What type of guarantees are offered?

  • Three guarantees
    • Bid (Bid bond): These are used to present in tenders.
    • Performance (Performance bond): The guarantor undertakes to pay the agreed amount to the payee in the event that the contract is breached by the ordering party.
    • Reimbursement (Advance payment bond): The payee is guaranteed a refund of advance payments if the ordering party breaches the terms of the contract.

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