Currency insurance and currency exchange

Guarantee the exchange rate and avoid cost variations.

  • Eliminate exchange rate risks in your operations.
  • Buy and sell currencies at a set price.
  • It has no added cost, you just pay the exchange rate.

Forward transactions

  • What forward operations are
    Forward transactions consist of "locking in" the price at which you will buy a currency on a specific date, that is, you guarantee an exchange rate for that day.
  • They provide flexibility
    If you enter into a forward operation because you are going to make a purchase in dollars (USD) within a month, but the payment ends up being moved up, the exchange rate of the operation is adjusted to the market conditions at the time, but you do not pay a fee for the change.

One variant, American forward

  • What American forward entails
    In American forward operations, you also set the price that a currency will have in the future, but if you move the date up, the exchange rate is maintained.
  • When to choose American forward
    The American forward is a good option if you want to set an exchange rate and make sure it will not vary even if you have to move up the settlement date you had chosen.

Spot transactions

  • What a spot transaction is
    Spot currency transactions are those that are settled between the contract date and two business days later. As in the previous ones, a price is also set.
  • You can do them on your phone
    You can do your spot currency trades from the Net Cash website, the online banking service for companies, and also from the app.
You can do spot and forward transactions directly from the online banking service for companies.

A personal adviser at your side

  • Specialists to answer your questions

    Your personal international trade adviser will answer any questions you have about important aspects of your activity abroad.

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Tools for your international business

  • Diagnosis of your company

    Answer some questions about your company and discover areas to improve involving the organization, staff, supply, markets and export capacity.
  • Markets with potential

    Find the markets with the best estimated potential for the products that you want to export.

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