Technology renting

Access the most innovative technology.

You can request it from our partner company Rent&Tech
  • You could exchange, increase, or modify your business equipment in a simple, flexible way.
  • See the different types of kit and choose what best suits your needs.

What does it offer?

  • Technological renting offers the following services:

    • Leasing of equipment selected. The lease period ranges between 12 and 60 months.
    • It eliminates any risk of technological obsolescence since you can renew and adapt the equipment to future changes.
    • The payment is a current expense, so it doesn't lock in or take up financial resources, which can be invested elsewhere. Financial management is simple.
    • Improves expense planning and control. A single fee covers the leasing of the asset and the associated services.
    • Improve working capital and ROA.
    • Save time, procedures and management costs associated with the purchase, contract and maintenance of equipment.
    • Payments are tax deductible.

What services does Technology Renting include?

  • Technological renting includes:

    • Comprehensive insurance with replacement of equipment in the event of a claim.
    • Damage claims management.
    • It includes the option to upgrade the equipment during the term of the contract.
    • Option to remarket the old equipment if the payer violates the terms of the contract.

What additional services does it include?

  • Online management of your IT equipment: online access to all the information corresponding to the rented equipment, and the cost distribution for each of them, contracts and invoices.


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