Charge your customers remotely

A feature associated with Virtual POS Terminal to easily charge your customers for distance sales.
  • Price included in the Virtual POS terminal.
  • Make paying easier for your customers via SMS or email.
  • No programming required.

What do you need to use Paygold?

  • You just need to be self-employed or a company, have a contract for a virtual business and information on your customer's email or cell phone number.

What are the advantages?

  • No additional cost
    Paygold is included in the cost of the Virtual POS Terminal contract.
    From anywhere
    You can sell remotely quickly, easily and securely, without the need for a physical POS terminal and without additional programming.
    No complications
    It avoids complicated reconciliation processes (such as transfer payments), since all your sales will be credited the next day in a single remittance and with the reference and detail of each transaction.
  • New payment method
    Increase your sale conversion rate by offering a new payment method to your customers.
    Easier payments
    Make it easier for your customers to pay by sending them an email or SMS with a link to make the payment.
Make it easier for your customers with Bizum
Now you can add Bizum to your business' payment gateway. This will give your customers more payment options and you will be able to take better advantage of every sales opportunity.

How does Paygold work?

    1. Your customers place the order from the purchase channels: telephone, e-mail, social media, form on the website or app, and even in person.
    2. They inform you of the e-mail address or cell phone number to pay for the purchase (available for Android and IOS).
    3. Your business sends the buyer an e-mail or SMS with a link to the payment gateway. It can be integrated into your own business systems and it allows for automated payment orders.
    4. Your customers make the payment using the link they receive, which will redirect them to a page where they can enter their card information or Bizum password.
    5. You receive payment for the purchase in the next business day's remittance.

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