Simple remittance and Documentary remittance

We handle the documentation and the collection of your transactions.

  • Reduce how much time you spend on your finances.
  • Take advantage of our agreements with France, Italy and Portugal for faster processing.

An added guarantee

  • What a remittance is
    It is one of the most common payment methods in international trade. It consists of ordering the bank to process a series of documents that make it possible to collect payment on an export.
  • Types of remittances
    • Simple remittances, in which only financial documentation is provided (promissory notes, bills of exchange, etc.).
    • Documentary remittances, in which financial and commercial documentation is provided (invoices, pro forma invoices, contracts, etc.).

More control and less micro management

  • Advantages for the exporter
    Having a bank process the collection means added security for you. In addition, in the case of documentary remittances, you retain property of the documentation that provides access to the goods until you are paid.
  • Advantages for the importer
    You can verify that the documents are as agreed with the exporter before making the payment. This reduces uncertainty and gives you greater control over the operation.

The price is customized

  • We analyze your company
    Each case is different, so an adviser will analyze your company's needs before offering you a price for a remittance.
If the operation is in France, Italy or Portugal, the processing is faster and more digital.

A personal adviser at your side

  • Specialists to answer your questions

    Your personal international trade adviser will answer any questions you have about simple remittances, documentary remittances or any other product or service.

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Tools for your international business

  • Barriers to market access

    We show you which access barriers you will find in the markets and what requirements you must meet to enter them.
  • Help on Incoterms

    Find out which Incoterms are best suited to the import or export transaction you are pursuing.

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