Export advances

A specific credit limit for exports.

  • Advance all or part of the receivable.
  • The advance will be in your account instantly.
  • Take on projects without losing liquidity.

You only pay for what you use

  • Availability at no cost
    You will only pay for the amount you use to advance the collection of your exports. If your annual limit is €64,000 and you end up using €25,000, you will pay for those €25,000.
  • Personalized price
    When you sign up for this credit limit, an adviser will analyze your case and your needs and offer you an interest rate.

You can use the limit two ways

  • Post-financing
    You can use the amount you have available to advance the collection once the project is over.
  • Pre-financing
    You can also use this credit limit to cover the expenses involved in carrying out a project or producing an order for more units than usual.
You will be able to use it from your online banking service for most of your invoice advances.

Boost your sales

  • Give your exports a boost
    By having the money available for longer, you will be able to take on larger projects and invest more capital in their development.
  • Don't let anything stand in the way of your business
    Collecting your invoices early means not losing the liquidity you need to continue your company's activity.

A personal adviser at your side

  • Specialists to answer your questions

    Your personal international trade adviser will answer any questions you have about important aspects of your activity abroad.

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Some questions that may come up

Tools for your international business

  • Diagnosis of your company

    Answer some questions about your company and discover areas to improve involving the organization, staff, supply, markets and export capacity.
  • Information on countries

    See what the business environment is like in more than 50 countries. You will be able to see reports filtered by country and sector.

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Export advances
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