Turn your credit sales into cash sales.

  • Advance collection of transferred credits. 
  • Get quick access to the amounts you invoice through factoring. 
  • Insolvency risk coverage up to 100% of sales (non-recourse factoring). 

How does it work?

  • Factoring is a financial instrument by which you receive the amount of your accounts receivable in advance. It also covers 100% of the debtors' insolvency risk.

    This financial instrument lets companies receive the amount of their accounts receivable in advance, by transferring their sales credits to BBVA Factoring, which becomes the sole debt owner and, thus, the owner of the collection rights. 

Services included

    • Collection management of transferred credits and information on your sales and receivables. 
    • Advance collection of transferred credits and reduction in bank debt in the financial system (CIRBE risk). 
    • Classification of your clients' solvency and 100% coverage of your debtors' insolvency risk through non-recourse factoring. 
Ask your adviser about the type that best suits you.


    • Advance collection of transferred credits. 
    • Reduction of banking indebtedness in light of the financial system (CIRBE risk).
    • Reduction of clients' balances, improving balance sheet ratios.
    • Insolvency risk coverage up to 100% of sales (non-recourse factoring).
    • Classification of your clients' solvency (debtors of the factoring agreement).

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