International payment orders

Transfers to countries around the world.

  • Make your international payments digitally.
  • If you need it, finance them from your online banking service.
  • In many cases, the money can reach the payee on the same day.

Your payments inside and outside the SEPA zone

  • SEPA transfers

    These types of transfers are those made in the countries of the SEPA zone in euros. These payments do not differ from the national payments you usually make.

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  • Other types of transfers
    You can also pay in other currencies or send payments to countries outside the SEPA zone. In the latter case, you can track it with Swift GPI, a service that shows you the route your money takes through other countries until it reaches the payee.

An international network of banks

  • Broad international presence
    BBVA is one of the Spanish banks with the broadest international presence in the world. This allows you to speed up the timelines for many of your operations.
  • And a wide network of correspondent banks
    We also have an extensive network of correspondent banks. These banks act as intermediaries in those countries where we do not have a direct presence.
You can make international payments in euros or in your supplier's currency.

A personal adviser at your side

  • Specialists to answer your questions

    Your personal international trade adviser will answer any questions you have about important aspects of your activity abroad.

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Some questions that may come up

Tools for your international business

  • Barriers to market access

    We show you which access barriers you will find in the markets and what requirements you must meet to enter them.
  • Help on Incoterms

    Find out which Incoterms are best suited to the import or export transaction you are pursuing.

Other products that might be of interest to you

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