Linked Agro Credit Account

The liquidity you need for your agricultural business.

  • Combine the advantages of a credit account and a credit limit.
  • Up to €150,000 in credit.
  • Admits all collection and payment movements.

How does it work?

  • The Agro Linked Credit Account gives you access to liquidity whenever you want.

    • It is signed for 1 year with a credit limit of up to €150,000.
    • You can renew the contract for up to 3 years. To do so, you must not have debt outstanding at the end of each year.
    • If it has a variable interest rate, this will be revised quarterly.

Reduce the interest rate

  • With the direct debit payment of one or more of the following payments in the Agro Linked Credit Account, you will be able to reduce the interest rate by up to 1%:

    • CAP Grants from €2,500: reduction of 0.5%.
    • Agricultural Insurance: reduction of 0.25% for every Agriculture Insurance (with a minimum amount of €600 a year) up to a maximum of 0.50%.
    • Business Insurance: by purchasing any of these for a minimum annual amount of €300, you will get a reduction of 0.4%.
    • Social Security payments, salaries or taxes: a reduction of 0.1% if you direct debit any of these three payments with a minimum yearly amount of €300 (with at least three payments per quarter).

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