Paygold for Android POS terminal

The solution for businesses that want to charge remotely quickly, easily and securely from the Paygold app on BBVA's Android POS terminal.

You can now use Paygold to send payment links to your customers from the Android POS terminal

  • You just need to enter your customer's cell phone number or email address into Paygold, along with the amount and reference and click send.
  • Your customer will receive an SMS or email with a link to make the payment. When clicking on the link, they will be shown a secure screen to pay with their card.

Benefits offered by Paygold

  • Remote payments: You can charge your customers remotely by just sending them a link. A faster, easier and more secure method that doesn't require a website.
  • Greater reach: Get access to thousands of new customers by offering a new channel for card payments. You can be wherever your customers are.
  • No complications: Send the payment link from the same Android POS terminal easily and you will see all your sales paid in remittance the following day, in a similar way to your face-to-face payments.
  • Easier payment for your customers: Make it easier for your customers to pay by card without having to go to your establishment.
  • Yet another service on the Android POS: To register for Paygold, just purchase the service as part of the Android POS terminal contract.

How does the Paygold payment link work?

  1. Your customers place their order by email, social media message, telephone or even in person.
  2. They give you their phone number or email address where they want to receive the Paygold payment link.
  3. Paygold on the Android POS terminal will tell you the order reference, the total amount to pay and the mobile phone number or email address given by your customer.
  4. Your customers receive an SMS or email with a link to follow that will redirect them to a secure page where they can enter their card details.
  5. Once the payment is complete, you receive payment for the purchase in the next business day's remittance as an in-person sale.

With your Android POS terminal, you can now charge your customers remotely without needing a website or developing computer software. However, if you wish, you can also launch Paygold payment links from a BBVA virtual POS terminal.

Go to your branch and ask for Paygold to be enabled on your BBVA Android POS terminal