Paack parcel and logistics APP

The app that allows you to request transport and parcel services from businesses that need to deliver a completed sale to a home address, without having to have an online sales website or app.


    • It allows a courier to be requested to collect packages from the address of the business (or the address indicated by the business) and to be delivered to the buyer's address from the POS terminal itself.
    • The store can select the day and delivery time slot in the app.
    • Digital control of shipments: both the store and the buyer will have tracking information on the package through notifications and, the store, also from the app itself.

    And all of this, without the need to have an online sales website or app. 


    • Go to your BBVA branch to sign up for an Android POS terminal (if you don't have one yet) with the Paack logistics app.
    • Search for the app on your BBVA Android POS terminal and try it for free. 
    • If you wish to sign up for the Paack delivery service for BBVA, select the button enabled for this purpose directly from the app, accepting the indicated Terms and Conditions indicated and providing the information required for registration.
    • You will then receive a username and password and you will be able to start working with the app.
    • More information.

Send your first order at no cost to your customer!*

Give your customers the Paack experience and they'll be back for sure.

*The delivery cost will be charged, but it will be refunded after a few days.

*Service provided by Paack through its own app or software, which can be downloaded from the POS terminal. Paack is solely responsible for the operation and maintenance of the Service and for any legal and contractual obligations that may arise, especially involving confidentiality and privacy. The POS terminal is only used as a technological resource to make the app available to the store. BBVA bears no responsibility with regard to the Service and the consequences of the actions of Paack. The details of the operations and customers of the store that use the Service purchased by the store will be processed by Paack through its application installed in the POS terminal. BBVA will not have access to any details related to the Service.