Physical payment collection management

Collect overdue business payments.

Businesses that also want to arrange collection upon maturity with the possibility of requesting a discount.
  • 2 Standardized payment receipts.
  • 2 Non-standardized and personalized payment receipts.

How does it work?

  • Invoice collection management service, without direct debited payments, prior to presentation of the notification send directly by the Issuer. This must be agreed between the Issuer and the Bank.

    The system carries out the same validations as for any payment made at the desk and provides the debtor with the supporting receipt of charge.

    • Standardized: the format of the file standardized by AEB is shown in booklet 57. If a barcode is included, it must comply with the format in booklet 64.
    • Not standardized: customized solution. It allows the debtor to choose the information to be requested in order to identify the payments. Must be arranged beforehand with the issuer.

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