Trade Finance in online business banking

The trade finance section lets you make payments and streamline your collections.

Global position

Obtain information about your international business at a glance. Stay up-to-date with your trade finance business lines.

International transfers

Carry out international transfers with ease: anywhere, in any currency, for any amount, express or standard, and made on the date of your choice. You will also be sent a copy of the transaction SWIFT message instantly and we will inform you of the exchange rate applied to your foreign currency transactions. You can also bank from the app. Find out how in this video.

Letters of credits

Manage your letters of credit with ease. Request the issue or amend letters of credit, view the documents received from the foreign exporter. Check your loan history and statuses at any time. In addition, BBVA can review your export documentary credits before they are sent.


Access your remittance history, consult exchanged SWIFT messages, check your settlements, and send instructions to BBVA. View your received import documentary letters of credit.

Currency transactions

Avoid risks and view the exchange rates for your transactions with the currency market service offered on the website and app for companies.


Stay up-to-date with your foreign business activity. Receive notifications anytime, anywhere, and stay on top of all your transactions. Online business banking makes it easy to execute pending and urgent tasks.


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