Calculation of the extra pay and other passwords of your salary

An extra support for save.

Receive the extra pay is a joy for any worker. More given the moment in which happens, almost always before the summer vacation and in Christmas, periods in which the expenses usually grow a lot. 

But not all are good news because, know how much money you supposes each of the pays? Before reply to the question, and of explain you how do the calculation of the extra pay, from BBVA you give some details on her for help you to understand your operation.

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What are they?

The pays extraordinary (or pays of benefits) are a right reflected in the item 31 of the Workers statute. What is normal is enjoy 2 a year although, according to the collective agreement, can establish a larger number or prorate (include in your salary monthly). 

Any of the options mentioned, as well as be reflected in the agreement, owes tell in the approval of businessman and worker.

Of where proceed?

Have your origin in the decade of the 40. The first that charged was in the 44 and was the equivalent to a week of wage. 

Perceived in December of that year as a support with the extra charges that caused the Christmas. A fact punctual that, in the course of time, approved for be carried out every year in the same dates.

When owe receive them?

According to the Workers statute, one of the extra pays receives during the festivities Christmas and the other fixed on the basis of the collective agreement corresponding or for an agreement between the businessman and your workers (being the previous one to the summer the period more usual). In the event of have them prorated, not the receive in none of the two moments, to the divide the total amount of way equitable over the 12 months of the year. 

Another important aspect to take into account is that the call "rule of the accrued interest" that reflects that your charge complete carries out if take all year-round with contract in the company. But, the worker receives the extra pay with regard to the time that has worked the previous year according to the date of charge of the same one. That means that if the payment carries out about 30 of June, begins to yield the July 1 of the previous year.

How calculates the extra pay?

The extra pay be usually equivalent to the basic rate . A fact that owes be reflected in the agreement, since also can agree the reception of a bonus. Additionally is necessary point out the guideline of the amount and take into account that, at least, must be of 30 days of the basic rate. 

What passes if take less than a year working in the company? Calculates on the basis of the days that have worked. Is enough with multiply the money of the pay for the conferences that have worked and divide it among the days of the period of extra pay.

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A support for save?

The extra pay uses, usually, as a support for the growth in the expenses that generate the summer and the Christmas holidays. But, and if instead of spend it the saved? Suppose a good bonus economic that, with little, can end being an incentive for begin an aim of saving. 

If choose it, BBVA puts to your willingness the Account Aims BBVA. Simple of use, is enough with open it, assign it a name, the figure that want reach and the time that have esteemed opportune for achieve it. And always with the money at your disposal and without maintenance fees.

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